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Heavy is available for Lectures on Mountain Safety, A life of Mountaineering, Everest, Mountain Rescue including Lockerbie.
He is available to lecture on various subjects, these can be tailored to what the client or audience wants.
He has lectured in the USA, Bermuda and Canada as well as at Ft William and Dundee Mountain Festivals and a Series on Mountain Safety in Aviemore , Scotland .

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Tina Davenport, Fort William Mountain Festival Organising Team Chair & Co-ordinator

"I wanted to email you to thank you for your time and your words of introduction on Saturday night for the LMRT award. You not only set the scene perfectly for the film but you also went to the bother of obtaining some words from Hamish which were both unexpected, very humorous and made the night even more special so thank you for all of that! We are thankful that you were able to be a part of the Festival this and very much hope you enjoyed the experience."

February 2018

Mike and Karen

"Thanks from Karen and I for giving up your time to speak to us all tonight and sharing some memories and advice from your lifetime on the hills. You are inspirational but more importantly you gave me pause to consider my own safety on the hills - I promise to be better prepared from now on and to think more about what could happen. Karen squeezed my hand when you told us about the child shouting for her Daddy at Glencoe - am glad she was with me - it was an important moment and reinforced my responsibility to make sure I come home from every trip. Keep going with the book Heavy, we are both looking forward to reading more about your experiences in the wild places!"

November 2017

Superintendent Graeme Galloway, Police Scotland

"From Mountain Aid's perspective, it was great week with glowing reports from our various representatives at each venue. We hope you enjoyed the assignment and ask if you might consider a repeat performance next year at alternative venues. Anyway your talk went down a storm and I have had numerous people approach / contact me since to say how much they had enjoyed it and how many have gone out and bought extra pairs of gloves (well at least my wife has!)."

November 2017

"We were delighted to welcome Heavy Whalley to speak at the Arran Mountain Festival summer event. Heavy has led a remarkable life in the mountains and he has many tales to tell of his daring adventures which kept the audience riveted to his every word. Heavy spoke honestly about the joys and the despair that are inevitable in a forty year career in RAF Mountain Rescue. The joys come in the shape of teamwork and camaraderie, learning of happy endings to terrible accidents and the excitement and challenge of mountaineering. The despair comes with meaningless tragedies which Heavy spoke about movingly; he was Senior Team Leader at the Lockerbie disaster, still the worst terrorist atrocity to happen in Britain. He is a fantastic ambassador for the work of the Mountain Rescue and for young people to follow in his footsteps."

August 2017

The Arran Mountain Festival Committee

"Thank You for a memorable and enjoyable evening. The event was very successful and will benefit the Arran Mountain Festival and the Arran Mountain Rescue Team... a great speaker with many stories to tell."

August 2017

Ian Rideout - Chief Executive, Outfit Moray

"I've known Heavy for many years through his involvement with mountain rescue, as leader of RAF MRT's and his various roles on the executive of the Mountain Rescue Committee of Scotland. His experience of the mountains knows no bounds, his expertise in mountain search & rescue is unparalleled and his ability to engage audiences is remarkable. His approach to delivering lectures to a variety of groups irrespective of their understanding; his mix of anecdote, practical example, pragmatism and life long desire to effect change, run true in all his words both spoken and written. Heavy, who is our much valued patron, recently opened our series of fundraising 'Spirit of Adventure' Talks, drawing a record crowd and helping us generate a significant amount of income."

November 2015

Anne Butler - The Munro Society

"The Munro Society was honored to have mountain rescue legend Heavy Whalley as our guest after dinner speaker in Grantown on Spey this weekend. Heavy entertained the audience with anecdotes from a career spent in the mountains both for work and pleasure. Heavy's enthusiasm for the hills shone through, his motivation for completing long cross country walks, the camaraderie of nights spent in bothies and fighting against the elements. Stories of Teallach the 'Munro Dog', rescues that seemed hopeless but ended happily and the emotional strain of dealing with the loved ones of the missing, all interwoven with a deeper safety message for all of us still out enjoying the hills. It was a speech that all those attending could relate to and the huge round of applause at the end spoke for itself!"

October 2015

Simon Birch - Chairman of the Mountain Bothies Association

"The AGM of the Mountain Bothies Association was held in the Village hall in Newtonmore on 17th October 2015 and was very well attended by Members and friends. This was a special occasion, the 50th anniversary of the founding of the MBA. Following the formal business David "Heavy"" Whalley was invited to make an illustrated presentation in order to entertain and to educate the meeting! Heavy succeeded magnificently, tracing his involvement in Mountain Rescue over many years, with excellent photographs, and demonstrating the importance of bothies in the provision of emergency shelter in many situations. All in all, an excellent presentation which set the MBA in good spirits for the remainder of the evenings entertainment."

October 2015

Mick Womersley - Professor of Human Ecology at Unity College Maine, USA

"Heavy is a brilliant speaker and quite the humorist, although there are elements of sadness to his show as he discusses the Lockerbie Disaster and mountain tragedies, or the condition of Tibet under Chinese occupation. Very human and humane. The photography is particularly excellent. Our students said Heavy was the best speaker of the year in our weekly lecture series, and they certainly had the most questions for him afterwards."

Alfie Ingram - Chair at Dundee Mountain Film Festival

"Dave's presentation based on extensive research, as well as his own personal experience of over 800 rescues whilst serving with both the military and civilian mountain rescue services was very well received by an enthralled audience. Delivered in his own inimitable style, the presentation was both informative and entertaining, the lively dialogue being ably supported by an excellent set of images of both historical and topical interest.

Overall an excellent presentation guaranteed to interest and inspire the layperson and the mountain enthusiast alike."

George McEwan - Executive Officer at Mountain Training Scotland

"I've known David since the mid-nineties where we met in Argentiere whilst climbing. Since then we have worked with each other, largely in a mountain rescue related context, both on rescues and on training opportunities. I would whole heartedly recommend David as both an engaging and very witty speaker and as someone who, after spending many years involved in mountain rescue and mountaineering, as an authority on all things related to this activity."

Al Slyvester MBE - Cover Supervisor at Faringdon Community College

"David is an outstanding lecturer who has provided an array of presentations around the world. He has a gift of not only passing on his ownbreath taking personal experiences, but also his magnetic enthusiasm encouraging others to potentially push their own personal goals further that they originally thought. David is without doubt one of the best presenters I have ever experience."

Heather Lawrie - Manager at Scottish Fire and Rescue Service

"I have worked with Heavy and used his expertise and vast knowledge whilst producing several Rescue related thesis. He is a font of knowledge in emergency management but also has the ability to combine this with a good dose of common sense wrapped up in his own charismatic style. You won't regret working with this man!"

Peter Kirkpatrick - Consultant Facilitator at Oman Sail

"David Whalley is more than just an old colleague from RAF Mountain Rescue days, he is a amazing people's person with an appetite for life, adventure and a good 'craic.' His natural humour and outgoing personality where a great resource during his many epic and knowledge gaining experiences. If you are thinking of inviting David to your Event, relax - you'll definitely get value for your money."

Eric Pirie - Director of Operations at Prometheus AlphaMed Ltd

"David is a consistently entertaining, educational and engaging lecturer on many mountaineering subjects from Munros to Mountain Rescue. I can fully recommend his services."

John Mulgrew - PGA Master Professional and Consultant

"David is a highly gifted and experienced individual with an enthusiastic, passionate and engaging personality who touches everyone he comes into contact with."

John Chapman - Director at Northern Trainers Limited

"I have known David since the 1980's he has always been good at talking, but unlike a lot of people, he is always worth listening to. His depth of knowledge and vast experience both in mountaineering and practical leadership at the sharp end of search and rescue, make him unique as a speaker. Thought provoking and will make you re-evaluate your outlook, whatever your profession."